The Mission Viejo House Rewire Specialists

When you need to get a whole home rewiring then call the experts at My Mission Viejo Electrician Hero. We are the best, locally-owned, honest, friendly and knowledgeable electrical contractor in the Mission Viejo area. We have years of experience and know all about how to do a house rewire job effectively and efficiently so that you don’t have to move out of your home or sit in the dark for months. We know how important getting old residential wiring out of your Mission Viejo home is, so we take it seriously, too.

Why so serious?

Old wiring is no joke. The old types of house wiring like aluminum wiring, Romex cloth-wrapped wiring and knob and tube methods of wiring can be dangerous in modern life. Those older wires were never designed to handle the power needs of modern appliances and that can cause an overload and start a fire. Older electrical sockets, the kind with just two holes, are not grounded and that creates a serious electrical shock hazard.

How do you perform the house rewire?

We are experts. For more than 30 years we have been the number one electrical contractor in Mission Viejo. We have developed ways to do the home rewiring by removing the residential wiring from behind the walls so we don’t have to tear down the walls. We can also replace the electrical sockets with three-holed sockets. We can also go from one room to the next without the need for shutting down the power inside your entire home.

Is this expensive and will it take a long time?

We will have to do a free estimate first. That will give us an idea of how expensive the home rewiring will be. The size of your home and the amount of residential wiring that needs to be replaced depends on the size of your Mission Viejo home. Most of these projects take a few days, but that can vary, too.

What do we do first?

First, you need to call us. We are experts and can tell you if you need complete residential rewiring in Mission Viejo, CA. Call for a free estimate today!